Module Fsq.Make

Make(K) is the fixed-size search queue with keys K.t.



type t

A search queue.

type k = K.t

Keys in t.

val empty : int -> t

empty max_size is the search queue with max_size that contains no elements.

val is_empty : t -> bool

is_empty t is true iff t is empty.

val size : t -> int

size t is the number of distinct elements in t.

val mem : k -> t -> bool

find k t is true iff k exists in t.

val push : k -> t -> t

push k t is t with k added to the queue. If the queue reached max_size, the oldest element is popped from the queue. If k already exists in t, no operation is performed

val pop : t -> (k * t) option

pop t is (min t, rest t), or None.

val fold : (k -> int -> 'a -> 'a) -> 'a -> t -> 'a

fold f z t is f k0 p0 (f k1 p1 ... (f kn pn z)). Elements are folded over in insertion order where p is the index of the element starting from 0.

val iter : (k -> int -> unit) -> t -> unit

iter f t applies f to all elements in t in insertion order.

val to_list : t -> k list

to_list t are all the elements in t in insertion order.

val of_list : int -> k list -> t

of_list max_size ks is a t of max_size with the elements from ks. The elements are pushed to to the queue from the beginning of the list, thus the last max_size elements from the list would end up in the queue.