Minimalist Pandoc-based static site generator


Pandit uses Pandoc to generate HTML files from Markdown, Org-mode, reStructuredText, and AsciiDoc files.

To start using Pandit, include the following files in your repository:

Build instructions
Stylesheets to include in the HTML
Stylesheets to copy to the output directory
Default options for Pandoc

For each source file, the default options are read from all of these files, if they exist:

The generated site can be viewed on the local file system, or served by a web server.

To generate the site to be accessed from the local file system, use:


To generate the site to be served by a web server, and transform links to remove the .html extension and the index.html ending, use:

make WEB=1


Pandit strives to be minimalist, it only depends on pandoc, git, and make.


This example sets up a site with the tufte-pandoc-css template and tufte-css stylesheets.

mkdir pub
git submodule add pub/pandit
git submodule add pub/tufte-pandoc-css
git submodule add pub/tufte-css
ln -s pub/pandit/Makefile
cp pub/pandit/config/tufte/* .
make WEB=1


See this repository for the source code and issue tracker.


Licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 or MIT license at your option.